What is Your Gift to the World?

Leadership & Influence Training

Are you inspired by Rich & Yvonne Dutra – St. John, the work they brought into the world through Challenge Day, Be The Change and their workshops? Are you ready to fuse your talents and life purpose with the work of Be the Change? 

This leadership & influence training will support you in building the skills and tools necessary to deliver the core values of Challenge Day and the Be the Change Movement in your everyday practice, workplace, presentations, family and community. In October 2019, Rich & Yvonne Dutra – St. John hosted this leadership & influence training for the very first time in the Netherlands and they are bringing it back online this time!

This intensive 4 week process will begin with an openingcall and the access to an online educational platform with scripts & videos of three Be The Change tools: the If You Really Knew Me, the Iceberg and the Comfortzone tool. This in order to prepare you for the two workshopdays, where you will be given an experiential understanding of Rich & Yvonne’s basic group process model of inclusion, influence and affection, and how this could be a set-up for designing your own program/presentation/meeting. Moreover you will receive direct coaching and feedback on your presentation & delivery skills. We even scheduled an extra optional coachingscall with Rich & Yvonne before the workshopdays.

Graduates of this program will:

  • Be given the training necessary and the permission to use the lessons included as part of their own work and daily life.
  • Be given a clear understanding of how to design programs, presentations and meetings utilizing the Be The Change group process model.
  • Get exposed to mulitple modalities of teaching, leading and facilitating group-leadership activities.
  • Understand how to step outside their own comfort zone, so they can effectively share the benefits and lessons with others.
  • Get practical training on how to deliver the Be The Change Iceberg presentation.
  • Have the opportunity to practice and understand how and when to use the IYRKM tool with transferable tools for coaching others.
  • Be given a direct experience of the power of vulnerability and the importance of going first.
  • Be given direct feedback and coaching on presentation styles and presence.
  • Receive tips for delivering social and emotional content in presentations, classrooms and other group environments.
  • Have the opportunity to network with like-minded people who have similar visions for the world.
  • Have the time to ask specific questions regarding practical applications and limitations of the lessons learned.hosted

The overall goal of this training is to empower participants with the ability to confidently design, deliver, lead, facilitate and organize group-leadership activities, and to communicate the core values and tools of the Be The Change movement in your everyday workplace and other group environments. We are confident that you will leave this training in a position where you can effectively pass on the values and tools that you gained. However, if you need or desire any additional support, coaching on an individual basis is available in one-on-one sessions at an additional charge.

So, if you are ready to take the Be The Change work to your practice, workplace or community, and fuse it with your talents and life purpose to bring your gift to the world, this is your chance! Use the sign up button below.

Please note that the permission concerning the Be The Change tools granted, is limited to the content included as part of the training. Participants are asked to sign a non-compete agreement, which will exclude the use of other CD/BTC tools and lessons as part of their personal training.

Practical information:

  • Data workshop: October 24th & 25th – 14:00-19:00 uur (2pm – 7pm)
  • Data preparation calls: September 26th (opening) & October 10th (optional) – both 19:00-21:00 (7 pm-9pm)
  • Online learning environment period: September 26th – October 23th
  • Investment Early Bird: 595 euro – sign up before 10-08-2020
  • Investment Regular: 649 euro
  • Location: online via Zoom

Engels spreken is niet noodzakelijk, de voertaal voor deelnemers is Nederlands. Rich & Yvonne spreken Engels en indien gewenst en mogelijk kan er vertaling voor je geregeld worden.

Any questions? Please contact us. Are you are interested in our other workshops? Please check the Workshops page.